By Tony Hanson

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There was high drama this past week in federal court, as a jury acquitted six former Philadelphia traffic court judges of ticket fixing after a two month trial.

Shortly before the jury announced it had reached verdicts just a day and half into deliberations, a defense attorney suggested a quick verdict would be good for the defense. Just minutes later, word of a verdict.

Attorneys, defendants, their families and reporters rushed into court. The defendants fates, freedom, lives hanging in the balance.

“Count one conspiracy, the jury finds Michael J. Sullivan not guilty.

Not guilty is read 19 more times for Sullivan by Judge Lawrence Stengel.

The jury totally rejected the ticket fixing case.

Warned not to react, the celebration in court was muted, but outside Judge Sullivan was jubilant, defiant. With a big smile on his face, Sullivan walked away with family and friends, walked away cleared in an historic case.
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