By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Port Richmond couple continues a lonely fight on behalf of their 22-year-old son who died of acute complications of asthma back in 2012.

A banner hangs along Aramingo Avenue demanding justice in the death of Tommy Petroski, who was struck by such a strong asthma attack in October of 2012 that he demanded his mom call 911 rather than take him to the hospital herself.

(Credit: John Ostapkovich)

(A banner outside the Petroski home names two Philadelphia paramedics whom the parents believe are responsible for their son’s death. Names obscured by CBS Philly. Photo by Jessica McWilliams)

Since her son’s death, June Patroski has not gotten anywhere with her complaint that the two paramedics were unprepared on-scene and “creative” in their official account.

“This is a Sunday afternoon,” she says. “They arrived at 3:00.  They assessed him at 3:00.  They administered oxygen at 3:00.  Well, guess what, they sent my daughter’s boyfriend outside to find another oxygen tank because there was no oxygen in that tank.”

The fire department investigated the Petroskis’ complaint and, in a letter, told them it had made unspecified changes.

The Petroskis have been advised that a civil suit is a long shot and they would now like to push for what they are calling “Tommy’s Law,” which would, in part, require more training for paramedics and GPS devices on paramedic vehicles.


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