CONNECTICUT (CBS) — The old saying goes: “kids say the darndest things.” But for one little young boy, his curious question got him banned from a doughnut business.

Four-year-old Justin Otero went to the “Doughnut Inn” in Connecticut with his mom Rebecca earlier this week.

While inside, Justin’s mother said he asked a woman inside the store if she was pregnant.

“It looked like she was pregnant and I asked her if she was pregnant,” he explained.

The question was allegedly overheard by a store manager, who was apparently not too happy with the comment, according to Denham.

Denham said when she went back into the same store a few days later, she had a conversation with the manager that went like this:

“She said ‘he’s not allowed in here.’ I looked around and was like ‘him?’ She said ‘yeah’ and I’m like ‘why, what did he do?’ And she said ‘he’s rude,'” Denham said.

The store, which has received criticism on social media, said they continue to stand by their decision.

What would your reaction be if something like this happened in a local store where you were shopping? Let us known in the comments section.

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