By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You want an easy way to water hanging plants? Try a plastic soda bottle.

Planters hanging up over your head on a porch or by the front door can be a pain in the neck to water. They need watering almost every day, but who feels like unwinding the hose for a couple of hanging pots? Plus, the force of the water from a hose can end up dripping water down your arms or overflowing so your pots, porch, and clothes get muddy, moist, and messy.

But a one or two liter plastic bottle, even full of water, is light enough that I can lift it up over my head to reach hanging baskets and it’s easier to pour more precisely. Unlike a watering can, it doesn’t spill out of the spout or out from under the handle before I can get it into position.

Fill it at the kitchen sink, step outside, give them a drink and go on with your day. You can even do it on your way out the door, then tuck the empty bottle in your car or bag – a good reminder when you get home on a hot day to check if your hanging baskets need another drink.

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