By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Worshipers and clergy at a Northern Liberties Ukrainian Church offered their prayers to the victims of the Malaysian plane that was shot down.

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been on the minds of worshipers at Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, but worshiper Vera Sawchyn says Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 takes the dispute to another level:

“What was happening before was heartbreaking but this is even worse. Those people who were on the plane had nothing to do with anything there.”

(Credit: Tim Jimenez)

(Credit: Tim Jimenez)

And with many asking why and how such tragedy could happen, Subdeacon Roman Oprysk has this message:

“Human beings are the ones that are causing the harm, not God. But God is here to support us in our time of need.”

With violence in Gaza and parts of the world, Oprysk says their prayers go beyond Ukraine:

“Whatever spirituality you have, think about it and ask that peace will reign in this world.”

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