By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s no joke, and no scam: you can buy a bridge in Pennsylvania for as little as one  dollar.  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is selling a number of bridges, and you can buy one.

But there is a catch: you have to move it.

“A lot of them are steel, some are concrete, though they’re a little harder to move,” notes Penndot spokeswoman Erin Waters-Trasatt, “but a lot of them are historic, unique designs.  Pennsylvania has actually produced some very unique bridge designs that have been used across the country.”

Penndot is selling the spans mainly because they’re old, in poor shape, and are being replaced.

Waters-Trasatt says bridges have previously been purchased by colleges, local governments, and even private groups.

Currently there are 11 Pennsylvania bridges for sale, none in the Philadelphia region.

See the bridges on Penndot’s “Bridges For Sale” web site

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