People are constantly falling ill and requiring care and this is a trend that will remain constant. As a result, health care will continue to be a prolific employment opportunity. One Philadelphia single mother realized this demand and took action to get the schooling she needed to jump into the field.

(Photo Courtesy of Veronica Fraser)

(Photo Courtesy of Veronica Fraser)

Veronica Fraser is a health administrator and owner of a home-care franchise called Right at Home. As a single mother, Veronica achieved her degree on a part-time basis. She was able to receive her master’s degree through Penn’s Organizational Dynamics program which enabled her to achieve her goals as a student and work her schooling into her family’s schedule. There are many different opportunities and programs that allow individuals to achieve a degree. Whether it is through special programs or online education, in today’s world, people have many choices.

Where did you get your degree?

“I did my undergraduate studies at La Salle University and received my graduate degree from University of Pennsylvania in 1998.”

Can you describe your duties as a health care admin?

“I now own a home care franchise, Right at Home, and my past health care administration experience was as director of patient services for University of Pennsylvania, which helped immensely. In my past and present role, duties involve designing and developing effective and efficient processes, strategic planning, leading and managing successful teams, recruiting, hiring and mentoring.”

How has education prepared you for your career as a health care administrator?

“As a single parent, I did most of my schooling on a part-time basis. I earned my graduate degree from Penn’s Organizational Dynamics non-traditional master’s degree program which blended well with my life, work experiences and maturity. Seminars focusing on negotiating, conflict resolution, organizational politics and other similar topics prepared and positioned me to better navigate and understand the corporate culture.”

What continuing education is required for your role?

“There are no requirements but it is very important to keep abreast of changes to health care rules and regulations as well as changes to requirements for licensed and certified members of my team. To remain competitive and effective, it is also important to retool and invest in continuous professional development which is achieved by attending local and national seminars.”

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