By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Eagles were ranked eighth out of 32 NFL teams in ESPN NFL Insider’s latest future power rankings. The future power rankings projects the success of NFL teams over the next three seasons by, based on five categories—roster (30 percent), quarterback (20 percent), draft (15 percent), front office (15 percent), and coaching (20 percent).

The analysts ranked the Eagles roster 5th best in the NFL and ranked their coaching 9th best, which was an eight-spot jump for Chip Kelly from last year. Nick Foles brought the Eagles up from No. 20 to No. 12 at the QB position. Conversely, the Eagles ability to sack the quarterback and replace DeSean Jackson was questioned.

The top-seven teams on the list were: Seattle, Green Bay, San Francisco, Denver, New England, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh.

One can argue the Eagles should be ranked ahead of teams those teams with aging quarterbacks. Peyton Manning is 38, Tom Brady turns 37 on August 3rd, and Drew Brees is 35. While those guys are elite quarterbacks and future Hall Of Famers, they will have to be replaced in the near future, quite possibly within three seasons. Although Foles may be unproven with only one successful season under his belt, he’s 25-years-old.

Something tells me the Eagles will be a lot higher, say top-five, on this list come July 2015.

You can check out the list here.


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