By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Larry Kane has details on how the newly signed budget plays right into the middle of the high profile governor’s race in Pennsylvania.

There is a left over political crisis in Pennsylvania Larry Kane reports it is about emerge in the battle for Governor.

The budget has been signed, but it remains a ripe issue for the challenge facing Tom Corbett from Democrat Tom Wolfe.

The Senate and House, both controlled by Corbett’s Republican party, left pension reform and the opening of Philadelphia schools as question marks.

The cigarette tax for Philadelphia died at the end with heavy lobbying against it. That leaves the possibility of eight weeks of Wolf and Corbett battling about these two issues till just after Labor Day.

You can look for Corbett to not repeat the mistakes of the Democrats who ignored Wolf in the beginning. Corbett will begin an ad blitz soon to try and close Wolf’s 20 point plus gap. But Wolf has got his own plans, in the beginning at least. He’ll offer the same positive vibes that got him to capture the Dem nomination by a landslide.

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