By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia hotels have taken a hit recently as room occupancy is down. Officials know exactly why this happened and they’re confident this is temporary.

“The business is made of three traveller segments,” President and CEO of Visit Philadelphia Meryl Levitz explains. “Convention, business and leisure. The section that experienced a downturn is the convention business.”

Levitz says crucial changes to the operations of the Pennsylvania Convention Center are reviving bookings. Executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association Ed Grose agrees.

“We think that the changes that have been made have created a great buzz across the country that it is a new day at the Convention Center,” he said. “And we think that future is bright.”

Unfortunately, because conventions are booked so far in advance, the hotels are experiencing an expected lag in business.

“The sky isn’t falling however it is a very difficult time for hotels to make money right now,” Grose said.

Levitz and Grose say hotels have to weather this storm.


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