By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Scooters and motorcycles can once again park on the sidewalk in residential Philadelphia neighborhoods, at least for the next four months, now that the Philadelphia Parking Authority has issued new “pilot” regulations.

The new regulations were developed after howls of protest last fall when the Parking Authority began enforcing the old no-sidewalk-parking rule.

There’s still no sidewalk parking allowed in center city, but PPA deputy director Rick Dixon says it will be permitted in residential areas.

“There is a much reduced likelihood that there would be conflict between motorcycles and scooters and pedestrians in the residential areas,” he says.

Dixon says that during the pilot period, which runs through October, there will be no charge for parking in the areas specially designated for two-wheeled vehicles, as the PPA studies where demand is greatest so it can provide spaces accordingly.

Scott Seiber, of the Motorcycle and Scooter Coalition of Philadelphia, says he’s pleased.

“This is a very positive step and a move in the right direction,” he says.

Seiber, though, would still like to see sidewalk parking allowed in center city.

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