PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Without digging too deep into league formats or styles of play, there are many in-game rules that are head-scratchers in sports, none more annoying than penalty kicks in soccer.

6. Excessive timeouts in the NBA

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The final 12 seconds of an NBA game lasts about 20 minutes. Timeout, commercial, foul, timeout, commercial, basket, timeout, commercial, buzzer-beater. Teams should be limited to one timeout in the final two-minutes of every game.

5. College basketball possession arrow

Why can’t it be a jump-ball like in the NBA?

4. Pass interference spot-foul in the NFL

So if a linebacker grabs and yanks another player down by his facemask it’s a 15-yard personal foul penalty, but if a corner slightly makes contact with a receiver in the endzone before the ball gets there, the ball is spotted automatically at the one yard-line. Makes no sense. Pass interference should be a 15-yard penalty.

3. No time-clock in soccer

Get a time clock. It’s 2014. Referees shouldn’t be guessing how much time is left and subjectively deciding when the game is over based on an advantage or possession of the ball. Ludicrous!

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2. Shootouts in hockey

The old format was better. If both teams are tied at the end of regulation, there should be a five-minute overtime period (preferably 4 v. 4). If no one scores, it’s a tie. Two points for a win, one point for a tie, zero points for a loss—regardless if the game ends in regulation or overtime. Too much luck involved in shootouts and one point for an overtime loss is just awkward.

1. Penalty kicks in soccer

Basically the same argument as the hockey argument, but it’s even worse with soccer. ‘Golden goal’ in soccer is intense and exhilarating, highlighted by pressure-filled moments that create amazing drama. I could score in a shootout in the World Cup. It’s literally a guessing game with way too much luck involved and ‘golden goal’ is just too much fun.

How to fix it? Teams should play 15-minute ‘golden goal’ overtime periods when tied after regulation. The second overtime period should be 10-on-10, with each team playing down one player. The third overtime period should be nine-on-nine. The fourth overtime period should be eight-on-eight. Someone will score by then.


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