By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Washington state sheriff sent a memo to deputies reminding them that they may not have “romantic encounters” on duty.

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Ya think? Not much, apparently.

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And while clocking out before getting it on seems like common sense, dating at work is a relatively rampant, and less obvious issue. Where people spend more of their day at their desk than at home, it makes sense that their attentions turn to the ones they are with.

It surprises many to learn that there is no law that makes it illegal to date coworkers, or even subordinates. It’s a terrible idea to date a supervisee because during the romance, you’re constantly subject to inquiries about whether your decision making is based on competence as opposed to prowess; when it ends, you have to see your ex every single day when your decision making is based on retaliation.

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And, former romantic coworkers now have to see their now dreaded enemy every day of the rest of their career, even if they don’t get caught literally with their pants down at work.