PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Call it a victory for ice cream and beer lovers everywhere.

Victory Brewing, located in nearby Downingtown, is launching a line of beer ice creams.

The launch, which is happening this week and includes three flavors, is just in time for National Ice Cream Month. All of the ice creams are nonalcoholic and are made with wort, the non-alcoholic liquid that comes from brewing malted barley and water.

According to the brewery, the initial flavors are Hopped Up Devil, based on HopDevil IPA wort, and made with cinnamon, cayenne, organic coffee and chocolate flakes; Storm Drop, featuring Storm King Imperial Stout wort and blending chocolate drops against a chocolate-stout base; and Triple Monkey, which uses the Victory’s Golden Monkey wort as well as banana and a pecan swirl.

Victory President and Brewmaster Bill Covaleski says the brewery’s been making ice cream using its beer wort in the brewpub for years and wanted to “share the flavors that our fans have come to love” with the under-21 crowd.

All three flavors will be available in the Greater Philadelphia region at stores such as Kimberton Whole Foods, Shady Brook Farm and the Victory retail outlet.

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