By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – The state Senate has sent the House legislation to prohibit the use of drones to disturb or interfere with people who are lawfully hunting and fishing in Pennsylvania (see related story).

Erik Arneson, spokesman for state Senate majority Republicans, says there is a bill still in committee that would essentially impose a moratorium on all uses of drones to allow time develop comprehensive rules on the issue. One reason the two bills pertaining to hunting and fishing advanced, he says, is because they were approved by a different committee.

Another reason: “In this case, there are known instances where there has been a problem caused. So, addressing an actual problem versus a theoretical problem is always an easier lift.”

The sponsor of the bills says the legislation is prompted by sportsmen in Massachusetts who expressed concerns about drones being used to videotape legal hunting and fishing (see related story). The measures now go to the state House for consideration.