By Lauren Lipton

MEDIA, Pa. (CBS) — Carol’s Scents N’ Soaps is a company that began in Media, Pa. and now sells to people around the world.

“I originally started the business after being a ceramic artist for about 20 years, and due to back problems and health issues due to being a ceramic artist, I had to give that up,” says Carol Gingrich.

She says she turned lemons into lemonade:

“So I spent that time, because I was raising young kids, learning about herbs and essential oils and the benefits to my immune system.  Basically, I started developing soaps and lotion bars and things like that that would help me and benefit friends and family.  The next thing you know, Carol’s Scents N’ Soaps was born.”

Her husband, George, has an MBA degree and left his job to make the soap.

“I make all the soap,” he says with pride.  “Carol makes everything else, but I do the soap.  We make over 5,000 bars a month by hand.”

(Lavender soap by Carol's Scents N' Soaps.  Photo provided)

(Lavender soap by Carol’s Scents N’ Soaps. Photo provided)

And they have lots of different items — something for every member of the family.

“We do a ‘Pretty Puppy’ soap which we developed for our yellow lab, because they need to be bathed as often as possible,” Carol says with a laugh.

Meanwhile, the business is a real family affair.

“We’re together 24/7,” says George.  “It’s good sometimes, it’s bad sometimes — but it’s mostly good.”

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