By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Overweight loads are not being allowed over the Walt Whitman Bridge while some structural repairs are being made.

If you want to haul something heavier than 80,000 pounds over the Walt Whitman Bridge, you won’t get a permit to do so for a while.

DRPA CEO John Hanson says a routine inspection found deterioration in several gusset plates, which are steel sheets connecting trusses.

“We felt that the gusset plate deterioration needed to be addressed right away and that as an extra precaution we would not allow overweight permit vehicles to go across the Walt Whitman Bridge for the next four to six weeks until that can be addressed.”

Hanson says the structural integrity of the bridge is sound, but he says if the work isn’t done now, any damage from overweight loads would take longer and be more expensive to fix.


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