By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Musicians in more than 110 countries were jamming for World Music Day on Saturday. Artists in Philadelphia kicked off summer with free performances all over the city to celebrate.

Some of the shows were organized and others were spontaneous. Musician Marcel Gordon shared a special moment with a handful of people at 10th and Kimball Streets in South Philadelphia.

“It’s like worship. It’s celebration,” he said. “It’s getting something out of you that you need to get out of you, and you feel relieved almost, once you get it out.”

A native of Jamaica, Gordon says his influences range from Pink Floyd to Wu Tang Clan. He performed several original songs, and those listening in the park couldn’t get enough.

“I loved every second of it,” said Zach, who stumbled upon the show. “The day, right now, it’s just so perfect for it. It’s just this beautiful day and I was just listening to music that’s about changing the world and waiting for days like these.”

And although Zack was among only a few people to hear the performance, Gordon says playing music, no matter the size of the crowd, is his therapy.

“I can think of all the cliches,” Gordon said. “Music is my salvation and all that stuff — but music has always been good to me, being able to be transported to a different world.”