PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — James Edward Duggan Jr. is a name not known by most, but ‘Hacksaw’ Jimmy Duggan, well that’s a whole different story.

‘Hacksaw’ Jimmy Duggan is a WWE legend best known for using his two by four piece of wood as his signature weapon.

“Well actually, I go through a lot of different boards ’cause, you know, they break and all that,” Duggan told 94WIP’s Brian Haddad while promoting the WWE Network Legends House. “Actually when I go over to Europe everything is metric over there. I throw it up in the air and I spin the board around and everything. So, when I go over there I have a two by four and it’s a beautiful felt case my father-in-law made for me. So I was going through customs one time and a guy stopped me and he pulls the board out of the case, and he’s looking at it, he says, ‘What do you do with a piece of wood?’ I said, ‘I’m building a house piece by piece over here’, which I thought was pretty comical and he said sit over there. So for about two hours I learned don’t joke about the board.”

Duggan, 60, even had a story about the Spectrum in Philly.

“Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat he lost his iguana,” Duggan said. “He really had a big giant iguana that he used to carry and he lost it, it goes lost in the Spectrum and disappeared. So the big rumor in the old Philly Spectrum is that the thing grew to six feet long eating grass in the Spectrum.”

You can listen to the full interview below: