By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chris Stigall responded to a U.S. Patent Office ruling canceling the Washington Redskins trademarks on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

Stigall believes that the entirety of the National Football League should be worried by a decision that he feels is a government overreach.

“If I’m an owner in the NFL, whether I agree with the name Redskins or not, you must stand up together as one, in one voice, with Dan Snyder, and say this cannot stand, and we join Dan Snyder in fighting this. There is a way for this to be handled, there is a way for this to be dealt with. That way is, of course, the free market way,” he proclaimed.

He said this is another example of President Obama using the government to intimidate one of his political enemies.

“Every time it’s been challenged through the correct legal means, the Redskins have always prevailed. So, as is always the case with this administration and its henchmen and its winged monkeys and all the bureaucracies throughout the various agencies of the federal government, this time the patent office of all things, Obama’s gotten his way without injecting himself directly,” Stigall stated.

Stigall commented that the government has no place dictating how a football team runs their business.

“This is chilling. You need to get over your editorial stance on the logo and the name and start to recognize what this is, a seizure of property,” he said.