By Melony Roy

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new study from Drexel University found that “sexting” is more prevalent than previously thought — and that most teens are unaware of the legal ramifications.

In the study, more than half of respondents reported sexting as minors.

“About 1/3 of them reported engaging in photographic sexts so nude or semi-nude images that they sent and those are the types that are most likely to be illegal,” Drexel grad student and lead author of the study Heidi Strohmaier said.

The study also found the majority of those surveyed were not aware of the legal ramifications of underage sexting.

“But we did find that those who were aware of the legal consequences were less likely to engage in underage sexting.”

The law has yet to catch up with youth sexting behavior.

“Some forms of sextings can be illegal and can lead to prosecution usually under some serious child pornography laws.”

The study found that girls are also more likely to send pornographic photos than boys.



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