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By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Beating the heat isn’t always an easy thing to do when you are a colonial re-enactor in historic Philadelphia.

Many of the colonial actors performing in the historic district wear costumes that consist of things like linen, canvas and wool. Even though they were feeling the heat, they kept their cool and humor was intact. But there was no doubt about it. These guys looked hot.

“Yes and thank you for noticing. We have been working out lately,” Bill McIlhenny joked. He is portraying Trooper Robert Hare of the First City Troop.

“We are not here to disappoint anyone. As long as we have visitors coming to the City of Philadelphia and (they) are willing to come out and parade with us and march with us and learn about history, we are more than happy sweating to the oldies.”

Historic Philadelphia re-enactors say they cool off by hanging out in the shade, going into air-conditioned buildings from time time and keep hydrated.

One re-enactor even revealed a plastic water bottle concealed inside his costume.



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