By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A swarm of bees created quite a buzz on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Wednesday.

The insects were swarming around the canopy at lane 9 near the tolls at the Valley Forge Interchange throughout the morning and into the afternoon.

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(KYW traffic reporter Sam Clover:) “I just got a call from a listener going through the toll booth at Valley Forge.”

(Turnpike Public Information Manager Mimi Doyle:) “I just heard about it actually on KYW on my way in this morning.”

(Clover:) “Pay your toll, but then roll up your window real fast. Apparently, there’s a gigantic swarm of bees flying around the toll plaza.”

Sam Clover’s traffic tipster sent the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and spokeswoman Mimi Doyle searching for a bee expert.

“We need to relocate them,” Doyle said.

Officials say the bees, which are honey bees, cannot be killed and must be removed from the area.

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The bees, favoring a couple cash lanes.

“They’re literally right on the lights, we have a red and a green,” Doyle said.

Dozens, if not hundreds, she says. For driver and worker safety, the toll collectors moved their posts.

Meanwhile, the cash tolls near the bees have been made EZPass-only, in order to keep toll cashiers from getting stung.

“We certainly didn’t want our customers to pull up to a toll and open their window and have bees swarm in,” Doyle said.

Traffic was not delayed.

The Philadelphia Bee Company wrangled them away, leaving the plaza nearly bee-free in time for the evening rush.

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