WESTAMPTON, N.J., (CBS) — Another bear sighting was reported in Burlington County Wednesday night.

The bear was spotted in and around the Tarnsfield Development off Woodlane Road in Westampton Township.

The bear moved from yard to yard, even toppling a fence.


Bear spotted in tree in Westampton Township, NJ. (credit: Jenn Vance Myers)

Bear spotted in tree in Westampton Township, NJ. (credit: Jenn Vance Myers)


“I saw him up in the tree, everyone was gathering around checking out the bear,” neighbor Robert Patrick said. “And then he decided to come out of the tree and wandered through everyone’s backyard. Came across the street, went across my front yard, and hopped the neighbor’s backyard and went out to the major road.”

Chopper 3 captured video of the bear around 7:15 p.m. near Dover Road and Orchard Lane.

According to Westampton Township Police, the bear was spotted earlier Wednesday evening a couple streets away on Lancaster Court.

Police advise residents not to approach the animal.

(credit: Jenn Vance Myers)

Bear spotted in Westampton Township, NJ. (credit: Jenn Vance Myers)


Around 9:15 p.m., police reported the bear was spotted crossing Route 541 and was in the area of Smith Lane in Mount Holly.


Tuesday morning, a bear was spotted wandering around another Burlington County town.

CBS 3 photographer Alan Wheeler spotted the bear wandering around outside a residence on Teal Lane in Mount Laurel at about 9:30 a.m. (See Previous Story).

New Jersey State Game officials say because natural bear habitats are shrinking, black bears have now been spotted in all 21 counties. Also, officials say, because the fierce winter destroyed natural food, bears have had to forage in more distant areas looking for something to eat.