PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Sixers have the NBA rookie of the year in Michael Carter-Williams, a 6’11” center who hasn’t played in the NBA yet in Nerlens Noel, and two-top ten picks in next week’s NBA draft. Vegas doesn’t care, as the Sixers are tied with the Milwaukee Bucks as the biggest underdogs to win the NBA Championship in 2015. The Miami Heat are the favorites at 3/1 per Bovada LV.

Full odds below:

Odds to win 2015 NBA Championship   

Miami Heat                                                    3/1

Oklahoma City Thunder                           6/1

San Antonio Spurs                                    6/1

Los Angeles Clippers                               9/1

Chicago Bulls                                              12/1

Indiana Pacers                                         12/1

Houston Rockets                                     16/1

Golden State Warriors                             25/1

Portland Trailblazers                               25/1

Brooklyn Nets                                          28/1

Cleveland Cavaliers                                 33/1

Dallas Mavericks                                     33/1

Memphis Grizzlies                                   33/1

Washington Wizards                               33/1

Los Angeles Lakers                                 40/1

New York Knicks                                    40/1

Toronto Raptors                                       40/1

Boston Celtics                                             50/1

Denver Nuggets                                         50/1

Detroit Pistons                                           50/1

New Orleans Pelicans                              50/1

Minnesota Timberwolves                        66/1

Atlanta Hawks                                              75/1

Charlotte Hornets                                    75/1

Phoenix Suns                                                75/1

Orlando Magic                                            150/1

Sacramento Kings                                     150/1

Utah Jazz                                                         150/1

Milwaukee Bucks                                         200/1

Philadelphia 76ers                                 200/1


As for LeBron James, he has a 2014-15 player option for $20.5 million and, if he opts in, another player option in 2015-16 for $22 million. The deadline for players to decide on options is June 29th.

Bovada LV lists the Heat as the 1/3 favorites as James’ 2014-15 team.

Here are the full odds:

Where will Lebron James Play his first game of the 2014-2015 NBA Season?

Miami Heat                                1/3

Cleveland Cavaliers                    7/2

Chicago Bulls                            13/2

Houston Rockets                       13/2

Los Angeles Lakers                   15/1