PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Lufthansa flight from Philadelphia to Frankfurt, Germany made an unexpected landing back at Philadelphia International Airport on Sunday.

Lufthansa Flight 427 took off around 5:45 p.m. and a short time later, airport officials say, a light came on, indicating an issue with the landing gear. The pilot informed passengers of the problem and told them that the plane would have to return to Philadelphia.

“We circled for almost two hours,” said passenger Hubie Bishop. “The landing gear would not come up, so they let the fuel out of the plane to make it lighter to land in case we had an accident.”

Officials confirmed that the dumping of the fuel is a standard safety procedure and say Flight 427 never declared an emergency.

The plane landed safely and there were no injuries to the crew or the 270 passengers on board.

The flight was canceled and the airline was trying to accommodate the passengers.

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