By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A group of about 90 Philadelphia high school seniors of a center city charter school made some noise with a noontime march today, in celebration of their impending graduation and more.

The seniors, from Freire Charter School, were excited to the x power as they paraded from their school, near 20th and Chestnut Streets, to the Freire Middle School, near 11th and Market.  They wore matching t-shirts and carried signs of the next stop in their lives.

“The purpose of this walk is really to showcase some of the incredible work our students have done for the past four years,” says Christopher Zagacki, the school’s head of academics.  “It’s also a nice way for our staff to sort of see the end product of why we come to work every single day.”

One senior, Tyrone Williams of Southwest Philadelphia, said he is headed to Connecticut College to study government, but he knows he’s in the statistical minority in Philadelphia.

“In the city of Philadelphia, especially, there’s not a lot of kids who actually go off to college,” he said, “and I think the fact that all of us are going to college should be celebrated.”

The idea is also to inspire the middle schoolers.