By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano talked with famed attorney F. Lee Bailey on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT to discuss the upcoming 20th anniversary of the freeway chase involving O.J. Simpson and the subsequent trial for the murder of his wife and her friend.

Bailey said he doesn’t understand why people continue to believe Simpson committed the murders so long after his acquittal.

“I don’t know how these infections gets started but no one has ever been punished more severely for being acquitted by a jury, and in this case very quickly. I think back to Lizzie Borden and she’s the only person I can think of that got acquitted and absolutely smeared for the rest of her life.”

He acknowledged that the trial became a media spectacle, to the detriment of everyone involved.

“The case, unfortunately, was a circus. What was lacking was a strong judge and though I kind of like Lance Ito, he refused to put his thumb on the lawyers and stop them from dancing up and down like clowns. That really denigrated the whole trial.”

Bailey also took the time to dismiss rumors of “new information” from trial witness Kato Kaelin.

“I’m told he has a new revelation that he forgot to mention when he was on the witness stand and that is that O.J. approached him about a false alibi. People wait two decades and then the moon goes and these people that were sitting around during trial never said a word, remember very weird things,” he said.


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