By Brad Segall

ROSLYN, Pa. (CBS) — Two Philadelphia residents are behind bars in Montgomery County, Pa., accused of staging a robbery at a retail store in Abington Township.

Police say there was one female employee alone inside the Family Dollar Store in Roslyn yesterday morning when a man entered the store, pulled a gun, and demanded money.

She gave him money from the cash register and the safe, and he then fled.

But police say it was all a setup.

And now the employee, 41-year-old Soyini Moody, and her alleged accomplice, 34-year-old Shaheim Pettiway, face numerous charges.

Abington deputy police chief John Livingood says the incident created quite a stir in the neighborhood when it took place.

“This is in very close proximity to the Copper Beach Elementary School, so we immediately notified them to lock their doors as a precaution and we stationed people near the school,” Livingood notes.

Police say Moody knew the suspect, helped plan the robbery, and was expecting to receive a cut of the stolen cash.

Police add that the whole incident was captured on surveillance video inside the store.