By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG (CBS) — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, says poll-challenged colleague, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, can win in November. And Christie says the RGA will put its money where his mouth is in an effort to make that happen.

Governor Christie and Governor Corbett appeared together in Pittsburgh on Friday. Despite several polls this past week showing Democrat Tom Wolf with a lead of 20 points or more, Christie insisted that Corbett’s re-election bid will remain a top priority for the Republican Governors Association he heads.

Christie: “Top priority.”
Reporter: “What does that mean?”
Christie: “It means I’m going to spend a lot of money here, that’s what it means.”
Reporter: “A lot of money?”
Christie: “Yes. That’s the way you define a top priority when you’re a leadership committee.”

Christie says it’s a matter of spending money and time, noting that he is scheduled to appear with Corbett in Philadelphia on Monday.

The two men appeared at a Pittsburgh Primanti Brothers Restaurant, famous for its sandwiches with fries and cole slaw on them. Christie said he was taking one to go, quipping that he wouldn’t dare eat one in front of reporters.