By Brad Segall

Homeowners along the Route 202 Parkway in Montgomery and Bucks counties have concerns about the maintenance of the vegetation alongside the highway, which has been open for about 18 months now (see previous story).

Some residents whose homes back up to the 8½-mile parkway say the grounds  behind their houses aren’t being taken care of.  They say the grass is overgrown and trees and plants are dying.

But Penndot is asking those residents to be patient, saying contractors are working now, north of Route 463 to Route 611, to replace vegetation that didn’t make it through the tough winter.

Penndot spokesman Gene Blaum says the high grass is also being handled.

“The mowing has begun,” he tells KYW Newsradio.  “We are going to be placing that roadway on what we call a ‘seven-week mowing cycle,’ so that will be occurring from the spring to the late fall.”

Bluam says there are forty acres of land that need to be mowed along the highway.

Penndot hopes to solicit bids later this year from contractors who will be hired as part of their long-term plan to maintain the landscaping.


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