PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A New Jersey based animal rescue organization has set up several funding websites in hopes of boosting their resources to help treat several sick dogs.

One Love Animal Rescue helps save and provide care for animals in need. At this time, the rescue needs help treating three dogs: Buckley, Petey and Kelso.

Buckley suffered duct tape burns on his muzzle, is severely underweight and has a bad case of Demodectic Mange, which is an infestation of a dog’s skin caused by tiny mites.

The organization is picking Buckley up next week, but Sherri Smith, the Chairman of One Love Animal Rescue says, “We know that Buckley will be a substantial expense for us. Treatment for Demodectic Mange will likely go on for about six months.  He will need everything, including neuter because the shelter suspects he’s never seen a vet.”

When it comes to treating Petey, the rescue found he had terrible ear infections that had been festering for a while. He has been given treatment for two weeks, but they are not sure if it will be enough. His teeth are also in very bad shape and he may need some extractions in the future. One Love Animal Rescue has spent about $500 on his treatment so far, but they say a lot more money is needed to properly treat Petey in the future.

The third pup being treated is Kelso.  He had to have a long and complicated emergency surgery to remove an obstruction. Vets were forced to remove 30 percent of his small intestine.

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