By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The School Reform Commission has decided to defy the city charter and not pass a budget for next year on time.

The city charter requires the district to adopt a balanced budget by the end of May. But Superintendent William Hite says with $216 million in funding requests to the city and state still unanswered, the district would have to cut 800 teachers, boost class sizes to as many as 41 and slash school police to balance the books.

“If in fact we have to approve a budget based on what’s available now, it just creates a churn inside of the system that creates a level of anxiety for people,” Hite said.

SRC Chair Bill Green backed Hite.

“Rather than adopting a ‘Doomsday II’ budget and giving anyone the impression that the cuts it contains are feasible or acceptable, we are not going to act on the budget tonight consistent with Dr. Hite’s recommendation,” Green said.

Green says the SRC will instead focus its efforts on securing funds from the city and state.