By Matt Rivers

CHALFONT BOROUGH, Pa. (CBS) — Another day, another bear sighting in Bucks County.

This one happened in Chalfont Borough and New Britain Township, as a bear officials estimated to be about 300 pounds roamed through several neighborhoods between the two towns.

Wildlife conservation officers said they are traveling the bear, last seen heading away from homes and into a densely wooded area.

Chalfont Police Sergeant Robert Milligan responded to 911 calls Wednesday morning.  He tracked the bear to Farber Road and saw this when he got there, the lumbering animal in front of a home, close enough to ring the door bell.

Just up the street, Grete Jess was awakened by a neighbor’s phone call about the bear.

She says, “I wasn’t worried because wildlife is wildlife and he was looking for a home.”

Officials said its possible the bear could wander back into its natural habitat on its own, but officers are on standby just in case the bear reappears.

If that happens, officers said they will try and trap or tranquilize the bear.

Thankfully the bear didn’t make contact with anyone and no injuries were reported in a sighting that doesn’t happen very often.

Sgt. Milligan says of the sightings, “It’s a very wooded area, but it’s very infrequent maybe once a year, twice a year,  Upper Bucks County more so.”

This is the second bear sighting in Bucks County in less than a week.  (See Previous Story)

Over the weekend a smaller black bear was put down by officers after it was struck and injured by a car in Bensalem.

Officials asked the public not to confront the bear if seen, and immediately call police.