By Brad Segall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On this Memorial Day, a Bucks County father remembers his son with a gripping account of a friendship between two American heroes and the sacrifices they each made defending our country.

Travis Manion and Brendan Looney became best friends when they roomed together at the Naval Academy.

Manion became a Marine who died in Iraq in 2007, Looney became a Navy SEAL, who died three years later in Afghanistan.

They’re buried side by side at Arlington.

Colonel Tom Manion wrote “Brothers Forever” to pay homage to a courageous generation of men and women.

“They were guys that sort of led by example, but those people walk amongst us, and I thought it was important to really share with the rest of the country a little bit about who they were as people,” he said.

Colonel Manion believes there’s a disconnect between the American people and the men and women who serve in the military.

He hopes the book leads to a better understanding about our military community and the soldiers in uniform.