By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The National Constitution Center is hosting Memorial Day programming all weekend long.

The National Constitution Center celebrates Memorial Day weekend with a variety of programs, including a show about memorials, a flag etiquette demonstration and American-themed crafts; but public programs demonstrator Matthew Riffe says one of their biggest crowd-pleasers this weekend is the presidential trivia:

“One of the questions that always trips people up is who is the youngest president to be inaugurated? Because everyone believes that it is John F. Kennedy,” he says. “But it’s actually Teddy Roosevelt. He was younger than Kennedy when he was inaugurated. Kennedy was the youngest president to be elected.”

Riffe has a lot of presidential statistics on hand:

“Abraham Lincoln is our tallest president at 6’4″ — but James Madison is our shortest at the height of 5’4″,” Riffe says.

The patriotic programming runs through Monday.

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