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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Sixers didn’t win the #1 pick in the NBA Draft Lottery, but the #3 pick and the #10 pick they did get has sparked a big debate among Sixers fans: what should they do with the picks?

The wrench in all of this will be Sam Hinkie, who doesn’t seem like the “stand pat” type. There’s always the possibility that Hinkie trades either the #3 or #10 picks, but there’s also the chance that he could add a pick.

With that, the Made Up Trades are back. Thanks to Ethan Giles (@Giles1228), our Made Up Trade Commissioner, for coming up with this one:

Sixers Get:

Jason Thompson (Four Years, $5.6 Million Per Year)

Jason Terry (Two Years, $5.6 Million Per Year)

Travis Outlaw (Two Years, $3.0 Million Per Year)

Reggie Evans (Two Years, $1.7 Million Per Year)

Kings Get: 

Deron Williams (Four Years, $18.5 Million Per Year)

Nets Get:

Thaddeus Young (Three Years, $8.9 Million Per Year)

Isaiah Thomas (One Year, $884 Thousand Per Year)

Why The Sixers Do It: It’s likely that Thaddeus Young will opt out of his contract at the end of next season, so moving him makes sense. Receiving the #8 pick in a loaded draft in exchange for Young, and taking on contracts is a win.  Thompson is a solid bench big on a reasonable contract as well.

Why The Kings Do It: The Kings are reportedly looking for a veteran point guard, and have expressed interest in trading for Rajon Rondo. Williams would fit that bill, and would give the Kings a signature “star” for an otherwise very young team.

Why The Nets Do It: The Nets reportedly want to trade Williams, and a point guard  rotation of Thomas and Livingston isn’t bad. Young gives them depth, a good sixth man, and another big if Garnett retires. The deal also saves them money, and although Prokorov doesn’t really care, they can use the cash to resign Livingston.

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