By Dom Giordano 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Lonegan/MacArthur debate was mostly what I had hoped for. Both candidates did a good job raising doubts about what the other would do in the general election. I think Steve Lonegan did not box Tom MacArthur in as a fat cat tool of the insurance industry. He did open up that MacArthur’s position on amnesty was not very strong.

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MacArthur did a good job at branding Lonegan as a guy who has been defeated for several offices and someone who might say some wild things. I don’t think people bought the idea that he was a big spending failure as mayor of Bogota, New Jersey.

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I was happy that both guys followed my direction and were not hesitant in having a spirited conversation on the issues. They avoided the usual stiff debate format and challenged each other in ways that sounded natural.

My chief observation coming out of this is that MacArthur is the safer bet to beat any Democrat in the general election. Lonegan is more likely to oppose any and all expanding government programs into our lives.

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