By Jim Melwert

ABINGTON, Pa. (CBS) – Voter turnout has been low, so far, in the primary election.

Four Democrats and two Republicans, here in the 13th Congressional District are trying to get their party’s nomination (see related story) for the seat vacated by Allyson Schwartz as she attempts her run for Governor.

Abington resident Mark Pitkow says he’s paying close attention to that race, “A candidate that I feel will get something done in Washington, that might help break the logjam in Congress. That’s very important to me.”

As for the gubentorial primary where Schwartz, Rob McCord, and Katie McGinty are each hoping to catch front-runner Tom Wolf (see related story), Pitkow says he supports Schwartz: “I think she allowed Wolf to get a jump on her, and this guy’s pouring money into the election and I just hope he doesn’t get in because of that. He doesn’t deserve to have it because he has money.”

Among the voters trickling in to the polling station at the Abington Free Library, was Jim Reilly, who says they certainly have some interesting races here: “Marjory Margolies coming back and Allyson Schwartz leaving. It’s quite interesting. It’s kind of a hot area right now.”

And Reilly says he’s also interested in the race for governor.

He says his most important issue is, “Improving infrastructure in the state, education, things of that type — and in the nation. I think our bridges, roads and everything — they’re a disgrace right now.”

The slow turnout is frustrating to State Rep Madeleine Dean, who says, “I’m disappointed with that, because we have this gorgeous day, we have these two important races, both the governor’s and the 13th, I hope that proves wrong, I hope maybe this evening and this afternoon are really heavy.”

Dean is running unopposed in her primary election, but says it’s still important to get people out to vote, “Elections matter, and people don’t pay attention so much to the off-year elections, but elections really matter.  And probably the off-year elections matter more because who is your state representative or who is you local congressional representative matters maybe more to you in your day to day life than who is your president or your governor, so I hope people don’t fall for that and think ‘Oh, leave it up to someone else to vote.’”

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