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Facebook adds “Ask” feature

Facebook Ask

Facebook has rolled out a new “Ask” feature giving users the opportunity to request information they can’t see on a friend’s page.

Everything is up for grabs, details of where they work, where they went to school, a person’s address, email address, even relationship status. The owner of the page will not see the button, only the person who is checking out the page.

When the info is requested, the user will receive a notification and then a list of options for replying. However, there’s no obligation to reply to the questions.


Merriam-Webster adds “Selfie” & “Hashtag”

(credit: ROBERTO SCHMIDT/Getty Images)

(credit: ROBERTO SCHMIDT/Getty Images)

“Selfie” “tweep,” “hashtag,” and “crowdfunding” are among the 150 new words Merriam-Webster has added to its 2014 collegiate dictionary.

In a press release, Merriam-Webster says some of the new entrants “reflect the growing influence technology”

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate 2014 Dictionary is available now in print and online at

YouTube to acquire Twitch

(photo credit: YouTube)

(photo credit: YouTube)

Youtube is in talks to buy a popular video game-streaming company for one billion dollars.

According to Variety, it’s already a done deal, and the official announcement is looming but the Wall Street Journal reports that the negotiations are still in an early stage.


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