By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano talked with Congressman Greg Walden, the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, about tomorrow’s Republican primaries in Pennsylvania.

Walden said he is very excited about Ryan Costello, a Republican County Commissioner in Chester County running to fill the Congressional seat to be vacated by Jim Gerlach in Pennsylvania’s sixth district.

“He is just a terrific young man. He is going to be a great, effective legislator down in Washington and we’re just delighted with the progress he’s making in the campaign. We think he has a really, really solid shot not only to win, but to become a, quickly, very strong leader. This is a guy who’s had to balance budgets and done so, cut government spending, improve efficiency. He gets it and he wants to be a problem solver and that’s what we need.”

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He commented that as he has traveled around the country campaigning for Republicans, voters share a similar message.

“People are so frustrated with the federal government that’s too much in their lives that doesn’t get its job done. They’re tired of the excuses from the Obama administration that it’s somebody else’s fault.”

Walden was also critical of the administration’s handling of the Department of Veterans Affairs backlog in treating disabled veterans.

“What a horrible disgusting tragedy. When you’re waiting six months, nine months, a year just to get approved to get the care you need and then we find out that they’re apparently keeping false lists down in Phoenix and elsewhere.”