By Jenn Bernstein and Jan Carabeo

CHESTER, Pa., (CBS) – The First Lady of Chester becomes a victim of the violence that has plagued the city.

She was carjacked right outside her home.

A 24-year-old arrested and three other men still considered persons of interest in this carjacking.

Just the latest in the increasing number of gun-related violence in Chester.

And one seemingly more brazen than the next — this one even involving the Mayor’s wife.

“I didn’t believe it was happening and I was just in shock,” Deana Linder said.

Linder recalls a dangerous encounter that happened when she was getting out of her car last night in front of her home.

Her husband, Chester Mayor John Linder, stands with his arm around his wife, grateful she wasn’t hurt when two men pointed a gun at her, demanded her keys, and gave commands.

Deana Linder said the suspect told her, “Not to scream, not to holler, just I guess basically stand there. After it dawned on me, I did the opposite. I just started running and screaming and knocking on the door.”

Mayor Linder opened the door as the car sped off.

Police were able to locate it four blocks away on Norris Street. The Mayor tells CBS3 several men were also found there.

Officers took three suspects into custody.

According to a city spokesperson,  Jasper Gregory Moy, 24, has been charged. His bail has been set at $250,000 and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 4th.

Three others remain persons of interest. They have been released but are still subjects of an active investigation.

Mayor John Linder says, “The main thing I am fortunate that my wife was not injured or hurt. We’re not immune to anything here, and we understand that we live here in the city. We are citizens and we’re not going to tolerate this kind of violence on anyone.”

The Mayor says whether this took place on his front door step, or anywhere else in the city, officials will continue to remain vigilante and fight back against a recent spike in gun-related crimes.

This carjacking comes just about a week after the Mayor and Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan launched a new anti-crime initiative called Operation City Surge (See Previous Story).

“I’m hoping with the increased police presence that these individuals will not feel entitled to prey on anyone let alone the Mayor’s wife,” District Attorney Jack Whelan said.

After all, Chester is already dealing with twice the number of homicides from this time last year.

Officials hope to see a change in behavior in the coming weeks.

“These criminals, these thugs are going to have a fear to do what they do,” Whelan said.

Moy is facing a number of charges including weapons charges, robbery charges and aggravated assault.

City officials say this carjacking appears to be random.