By Steve Tawa

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Inquirer reports that Philadelphia trails many other big cities in efforts to discourage jaywalking – crossing against a light, or in mid-block.

At 20th Street turning onto the Ben Franklin Parkway, pedestrians often get caught midway across, only to see oncoming traffic, and at 5th and Market Streets, folks walking often see the lights change, yet they’ve got two lanes of vehicles bearing down on them.

“Because they think green for the cars equals green for them,” Jeff says he sees “near-misses” all of the time.

“I could count the dozens of times where someone that doesn’t know better crosses with their head down. They seem to be willing to play chicken with cars.”

The Inquirer reports so far this year, Philadelphia police have cited no one for jaywalking, and department records indicate on average, city police issue less than ten jaywalking tickets a year.


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