By Paul Kurtz

CHALFONT, Pa. (CBS) — A staple of Jersey shore boardwalk arcades is at the center of a trademark battle between two companies.

It seems that everyone has played Skee-Ball, invented in 1909, at one time or another.

Now headquartered in Chalfont, Bucks County, Skee-Ball Inc. has sued a couple of Brooklyn-based bar owners — and vice versa — over use of the name.

The New York guys run “Brewskee-Ball”  leagues  in Texas, North Carolina, New York, and California.  They even got a trademark approved for Brewskee-Ball, on the grounds that the name is generic.


brewskee ball ad

But Skee-Ball’s attorney, Richard Idell, contends it is a blatant infringement, saying you can’t build a business on the back of another business.

The two sides are currently locked in a stalemate.  Numerous attempts at mediation have failed.

So  the case is heading to trial in New York.   Brewskee-Ball’s owners have launched a  crowdfunding campaign that they claim raised $10,000 its first day.

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