By Cleve Bryan

BORDENTOWN, N.J., (CBS) — With no explanation how Bordentown’s Police Chief Frank Nucera was shot at work Tuesday, people are anxious for answers about the potentially deadly situation.

The Burlington County Prosecutor’s office is investigating the shooting. They say a child described as a pre-teen was with a parent at the municipal tax office. The chief, who also serves as town administrator, had some kind of interaction with the child and the gun fired.  All authorities will give as an explanation is that the pre-teen was responsible.

Questions remain if every safety precaution was being followed.

“I think working around guns is pretty dangerous but that’s what they get into, they know that, I mean that could possibly happen,” Sam Park of Bordentown Township said.

We stopped by the chief’s home to see if we could get answers what happened or at least find out how he’s doing, but no one answered the door.

We did get an idea about the chief’s condition from municipal contractor Tony Lopez who talked to Nucera on the phone Tuesday night not realizing he had been shot.

“He sounded normal. I asked for police detail, he provided what I needed and it was business as usual. He didn’t even bring it up? No, I mean it was like 8:30 at night I guess he had enough of it by then,” Lopez said.

Township residents say the chief and everyone in the building at the time of the incident are fortunate the outcome wasn’t more serious.

“Could you imagine the citizens?” Maria Vazquez said. “Guns are dangerous.”

Was the chief’s gun out or in a holster when it went off? And what kind of safety features does his holster have? These are questions we asked authorities but they tell us it’s all part of the investigation.

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