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By Glen Macnow

Score: 8.1
Price: The Bar Burger, $12.
Location: 1426-28 Chestnut Street

Well, this is why we put 40 burgers into this year’s hunt. Because on burger No. 38 – just when we were having nightmares of ground beef overload, we stopped by this classic Center City steakhouse for a burger and Blue Moon at lunch. And you know what? Del Frisco’s Bar Burger so reinvigorated us that we want to start the whole thing all over again. Well, maybe not.

It’s 10 ounces of prime beef from the Chicago stockyards that’s got an 80/20 meat-to-fat ratio. Not sure I can say the same for my midsection, but that appears to be the perfect breakdown to give the burger maximum flavor. It’s seared on a flat-top grill so that all those beautiful juices don’t have a chance to escape. Throw it on a buttered brioche roll from the Hudson Bread Co., melt some cheddar and toss on lettuce, tomato, onion and that ubiquitous special sauce.

If I’ve got one criticism, it’s that this Mt. Rushmore-worthy burger gets a little busy. But not much. The beefiness shines through. I’ve had many a steak at Del Frisco’s over the years, but never one that had been put through a meat grinder. I’ll be back for more.

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