By Glen Macnow

Score: 6.4
Price: Cheeseburger with bacon – $3.39.
Location: There are many. We went to the one at 30 E. State St. in Media

We respect the Iron Hill for its craft beers and its respect to ground beef. In fact, during May, the 10 local Iron Hill locations roll out their “31 Burgers in 31 Ddays” campaign, offering a new design every day of the month. Hmmm. I think if I hadn’t just finished 40 in the past 40 days, this might appeal to me a little more.

Turns out, I learned, we caught the Iron Hill in a transitional stage, as they were moving some items off the permanent menu, while experimenting with others. So the two burgers we tried – the Smokehouse Burger and the French Onion Burger – aren’t even going to be offered any more. I don’t know why. Both were solid, if not spectacular. Well prepared – juicy, tender meat with a bit of a kick to it.

If you check out Iron Hill during the “31 burgers in 31 days” fest, make sure you order a flight of beer. You choose six or eight or however many of their brews and fill your table with six-ounce glasses. And that is a festival of fun.