By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Moving boldly into the 21st century, the City of Philadelphia is inching toward putting its public notices and regulations online.

The city charter requires that departmental regulations and notices of meetings be published in local newspapers.  That charter dates from the early 1950s, so of course there’s no mention of the Internet.

Now, City Council’s Law and Government Committee has voted to change the charter so that those notices must also be online.

Applauding the move at the hearing was Amy Laura Cahn of the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia.

“We work with residents throughout Philadelphia who struggle to participate in government, who struggle to understand how government works.  And we think this is an excellent step in enhancing transparency.”

If approved by the full Council and the mayor — which is expected — the proposed charter change would be put to voters in a ballot referendum, most likely in November.

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