By Tony Hanson

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A former Philadelphia narcotics officer was sentenced today in a tangled, tragic case of lies, sex, and consequences.

Former officer  Robertito Fontan, who had compiled a distinguished record in the dangerous world of undercover work with the Philadelphia Police Department, will now be going to prison for a year.  The married officer lied to federal investigators about his relationship with a woman linked to the target of a drug investigation.  The woman had dated that target in the past.

Authorities suspected there was a leak in the drug case but, during their investigation of that leak, Fontan denied there was a romantic link between himself and the woman.  He also denied ever giving the woman gifts.

Authorities agree that Fontan did not leak information about the drug probe but say he lied to hide his own infidelity.  A short time later, though, Fontan disclosed his affair to his wife and then authorities.  Still, officials note, that was after he had already lied to federal investigators.

“The last thing I think Robertito Fontan would do, in my mind, with any kind of intentional action, is to help a drug dealer,” noted defense attorney Jack McMahon afterward, “because he spent his entire life attempting to put drug dealers in jail for significant periods of time — and was, in fact, successful in doing that.”

Now, Fontan — who lost his job with the police department — will spend time in prison for his coverup.  His wife of 19 years spoke on his behalf today in court.

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