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By David Madden

SWARTHMORE, Pa. (CBS) — A Delaware County judge is being asked to decide on whether Swarthmore College should be allowed a liquor license as part of a hotel it plans to build on campus.
A group of residents wants to uphold its tradition as a dry town.

Swarthmore residents approved a referendum over two years ago upholding its prohibition on booze and Robert Small is among a group of 50 taking the matter to court.

“It basically said no one in Swarthmore could do it. Unless the college decides to secede and become part of Springfield Township or Morton, it’s part of Swarthmore.”

The college points to an earlier voter referendum that approved the concept of a liquor-licensed restaurant on college property and the LCB issued a license based on that.

School officials say there’s a lot of support for the idea, which would also move the school’s bookstore to what’s being dubbed Town Center West, as a way to bolster local business.

A decision on the court battle is not expected for at least a couple months.


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